Giclee prints are said to be the "closest duplication of an original artwork that is humanly, technically or mechanically achievable".  Giclee (pronounced Zhee-clay) means squirt or spray.  Giclee prints are created by a high end printer which sprays hundreds of pigmented ink droplets on to the medium of the artist's choice.    No ink dots are detected as the wet ink mingles together to create a brilliantly beautiful print with exquisite color and sharp detail.


These high end printers are not the same as an ordinary desk top printer.  They use 7 or more colors of pigmented archival inks which have been projected to resist fading for over 100 years depending on the type of fine art paper used, and with proper care.  Please take care to hang your beautiful print out of direct sunlight. 


I print and sign my giclee's one at a time in my studio.


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